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8/22/2017  SC-BF-23 SCBeaufort Near Normal General Awareness
Plants And Wildlife
Tourism And Recreation
We have had only 0.08” of rain since my last report on the 14th so things have tried to dry out. However it is very hot and humid so that’s a slow process. Mosquitoes are much more abundant but no aerial applications of pesticides yet. First off, I saw the constellation Orion early this week and that is always a wonderful winter friend and his dog Sirius.. I just enjoy the winter constellations… but, this ushers in the dog days of summer and thus the heat, bugs and sweating weather. “ I love summer, the hotter the better!” :))) (might just as well laugh.. you’ll feel better…not cooler, just better!) But fall and winter are right behind. Number two was the total eclipse of the sun. Interesting because there was a total eclipse of the sun July 10, 1972 and I was in deep ocean.. solo in a 28 foot sloop named “Blue Gipsy”. Having been at sea 24 days (out of 39 Days) from Plymouth, England to Newport, Rhode Island in the Observer Singlehanded Trans-Atlantic Race… (O.S.T.A.R.) I was at 41 deg. 19.3 N. Lat, 44 Deg. 29 W. Lon. and the weather was stormy and overcast. It was a rough day and it became very dark for that time of day and I remembered it was supposed to be a total eclipse and that explained it. And today was a similar day but there were no rough seas or ice bergs etc. but I still did not get see the eclipse, only a brief glimpse of the beginning of the event today. It looked like a shark had bit a small chunk out of the sun and then the clouds obscured all and it started raining lightly. (0.03”) But what memories..! The bees are buzzing and the garden is a mess with all the weeds and such.. but I’ll be planting the fall garden next month and things will cool down. 57 Loggerhead Turtle nest have been recorded. Two were destroyed by tidal action and 4 by animals. I’m helping to design and make fence-wire caps for the nests to discourage Raccoon and Armadillo invasion whilst allowing the turtle-etts to pass through. Still lots of tourists.. Dry weather makes for better pottery production and that’s a wonderful combination.. business is good. Tons of all kinds of sea, wading, diving and other birds..! Love the birding. Cheers.. Daufuskie Dundee