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6/23/2017  NY-WN-18 NYWayne Mildly Dry General Awareness
Plants And Wildlife
Haven't had significant rain since the 19th of June, but the amount we had on the 19th (0.62") helped to offset the potential for moderately dry conditions. Flowers, strawberries (getting to close of the season), and tomatoes have required occasional watering. Birds are taking advantage of bird baths when available.  
6/23/2017  NC-HN-41 NCHenderson Moderately Wet ...I missed my Sunday comment but the frequent rain reported over the past several months has kept the soil damp to saturated. The vegetation, native and introduced continuous to grow and to flower.  
6/23/2017  TX-HYS-148 TXHays Mildly Dry General Awareness
While I have received over 4 inches of rain this month at my property in south-central Hays Co., this has not been the case for most of Hays County. A relatively dry May has been followed by similar conditions in June for the majority of the area.  
6/23/2017  CAN-NB-1 CANNew Brunswick Near Normal Irrometer 42 cb. Precip zero and evap 0.12 in last 24 hrs. Soil temp 16.7C. Vegertation is green and growing well. Soil is continuing to dry out