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5/24/2017  AZ-PM-12 AZPima Moderately Dry General Awareness
Plants And Wildlife
Society And Public Health
108* degrees in the Three Points, AZ area and getting dryer with no rain in sight for a while.  
5/24/2017  GA-EF-13 GAEffingham Mildly Wet General Awareness
Plants And Wildlife
Water Supply And Quality
Stopped watering garden. Store sprinklers. Watching grass grow. Sharpening mower blades. Watch for new fire ant mounds to treat. Plenty of water in fish pond and wetlands.  
5/24/2017  IL-GY-1 ILGrundy Moderately Wet Grass continues to grow rapidly.  
5/24/2017  KS-RL-33 KSRiley Mildly Wet General Awareness
Plants And Wildlife
Three wet days, two with nearly 1" each, made up for last week's drying. Also much cooler, so water stays around.  
5/24/2017  KY-GL-2 KYGallatin Severely Wet Agriculture
Plants And Wildlife
Current soil conditions do not allow for planting of crops in my area. Some planting has occurred, about 30% of corn and soy is planted plus some tobacco. Wild plants are thriving.  
5/24/2017  MD-AA-3 MDAnne Arundel Severely Wet General Awareness
Extremely heavy rain Friday evening, periods of much lighter rain since, and unseasonably low evaporation rates have resulted in very soggy ground locally. Most nearby areas are not nearly so wet. What little drought that was in place previously has been quickly reversed.  
5/24/2017  MD-MG-103 MDMontgomery Severely Wet General Awareness
Plants And Wildlife
Water Supply And Quality
The ground is saturated as there has been almost continuous rain in May except for 4 days, May 14-17.  
5/24/2017  MI-CX-8 MICharlevoix Near Normal General Awareness
3/days of some rain,is keeping the ground moist  
5/24/2017  NM-OT-86 NMOtero Moderately Dry General Awareness
Tourism And Recreation
The parking lot is dry and dusty  
5/24/2017  NC-CA-4 NCCamden Mildly Wet General Awareness
Plants And Wildlife
Relief Response
Society And Public Health
Tourism And Recreation
We still have ditches with 2-3 feet of water here From the tri-tropics of H Hermine, TS Joyce, H Matthew. Since November, we have had reality mild winter and spring. Winter weeds are everywhere, vegetation such as wild grape, Virginia Creeper and Wisteria abounds. Still many trees of on shoulder with rootballs siting up. There are too many people who got the wood cut, gut it never made it to the dump or have a control burn. Streets and the lower asphalt levels have crate a nightmare for road crews, but they are getting the Hwy 17 cleaned up. My husband is HVAC and there was a history of puting ducting under homes in crawl spaces. They just joined into them as technology brought environmentally control interior spaces. These in a vast area of the Hampton Roads Area of VA and here in Psaquatink, Camden, Currituck... and more. the temps cooled in November, and I am expecting these homes to have wet ventilation that will trow Mold, Fungus and Moss under these homes. It will be an out of site/out of mind, but the residents will definitely feeling the effects of mold toxicity most likely beginning in June when we start getting into the 90s during the days. This is also possibly going create a hosting place for mice, snakes, and ferule cats and dogs. with high humidity under the house will also host carpenter ants. (I hope someone can get a bulletin together warning home owners that have under the floor ventilation so they can get the wet insulation out of there before it contaminates too much stuff inside the home.  
5/24/2017  NC-FR-29 NCForsyth Severely Wet General Awareness
my yard can not take no more rain. walk in the yard the yard is so soft .  
5/24/2017  NC-WT-37 NCWatauga Severely Wet General Awareness
Plants And Wildlife
We have had more than 3.5 inches in the past three days. I notice how little the birds are feeding. Insects are not out because of steady rain. The temperature has been in the mid 50's for three days so animals are getting hungry. Also, I noticed this morning that earth worms are climbing posts, trees, stones, etc. to get away from saturated ground.  
5/24/2017  OR-MN-58 ORMarion Near Normal Plants And Wildlife
It's been too hot to plant for two days--we get so used to our cool damp winter and spring that 90 degrees feels suffocating. But we'll get acclimated by July or so. Still time to plant peas.