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Searched: Stations in Colorado. Report date on 5/22/2022.
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DateStation NumberStation NameTotal Precip in.Comments 
5/22/2022 CO-BO-99Hygiene .79 N T 1/10th sctd, unlim viz, 36deg, 77%RH, Wind West 2 mph, 30.30" rising slightly, 24HR Hi 54deg, LO 32deg, Peak wind SSW 17 mph @ 12:58 hrs.   View 
5/22/2022 CO-LR-687Loveland 2.7 E 0.00 yesterday's high 61 F (15.5 C), p/c day, clear eve! overnight low 39 F (4C), calm, looks like light frost on roofs, ,]mostly clear sky w/ different type of clouds mostly around horizon, RH 63%.   View 
5/22/2022 CO-AM-21Alamosa 1.2 NE 0.00 Cold morning 28   View 
5/22/2022 CO-EP-333Colorado Springs 5.0 ENE 0.09 Snow only on Grass. Streets and Sidewalks Dry. Top of snow encrusted with ice.   View 
5/22/2022 CO-LR-636Fort Collins 2.8 NE 0.00 6am. 33F, 77%RH, 30.26"RS, Frost, Clear, Calm. 05/21 High 56F @ 4:30pm. Low 32F @ 6:45am. Peak Wind SSE 14 mph @ 2:45pm.   View 
5/22/2022 CO-YU-68Wray 4.2 NNE 0.00 Cloudy and cold. No precip fell on our very dry sandhills   View 
5/22/2022 CO-EP-359Colorado Springs 7.2 ENE 0.03 36 degrees, overcast, very light wind. The 10 inches of snow yesterday melted away fast on street and dirt even there was no sun. Still snow on grass and roofs.   View 
5/22/2022 CO-KC-80Burlington 8.4 NNE 0.08 from saturday morning snow mixed with rain   View 
5/22/2022 CO-AD-100Thornton 2.1 N 0.00 Thi 49 @ 17:18.……. @ Obs: 39F. // Sunny by 07:30, mostly sunny AM, increasing clouds for most of PM, then sunnier after 16:00 .   View 
5/22/2022 CO-AD-127Aurora 4.2 NNW T Periodic light snow Saturday morning ending by 10:00am. No accumulation in cylinder   View 
5/22/2022 CO-AD-153Westminster 1.6 NE 0.00 Snow has all melted   View 
5/22/2022 CO-AR-262Aurora 2.1 W T Light snow til 8:20AM when the sun tried to come out. Mostly gray skies, the sun made a couple of brief appearances. Overcast & 40 degrees at 7AM today.   View 
5/22/2022 CO-AR-292Englewood 1.4 N 0.09 I know another 1/2 to 3/4 inch of snow fell yesterday before the melt started. Should have gone out to measure before it was gone. Nothing left now but a trace in the deepest shadows.   View 
5/22/2022 CO-BO-8Lafayette 0.4 WSW T A very light snow shower, then became mo sunny by late morning. 33F/49F (Sat). Roof frost at obs time, but no freeze.   View 
5/22/2022 CO-BO-67Boulder 4.7 E T Snow melted fast though the high was only 48, a little left in the shade. S-/SW- 0700 until about 0830 then skies cleared. Low over night was 31.6 with a couple of hours around 32 this morning.   View 
5/22/2022 CO-BO-92Nederland .47 ESE 0.06 Very light snow thru most of day ending about 1 am.   View 
5/22/2022 CO-BO-143Longmont 2.1 N 0.00 Min temp 31.8°; very light frost.   View 
5/22/2022 CO-BO-220Boulder 4.7 ENE T Still snowing lightly yesterday morning at 7 AM, but skies beginning to clear without further measurable accumulation The snow was pretty much done by 9 AM. There are patches of snow left in the deepest shade areas this morning.   View 
5/22/2022 CO-BO-290Lafayette 2.3 NW 0.00 Temperature range: 38-53   View 
5/22/2022 CO-BO-380Boulder 2.0 W T Snow only on grass. Some parts have melted but most of the yard is still covered with up to 2 inches of snow.   View 
5/22/2022 CO-BO-435Longmont 3.0 SW 0.00 We reached a high of 60 yesterday so all the snow melted. There was a freeze warning until early this morning. Temperature 34 when information entered today.   View 
5/22/2022 CO-BO-437Boulder 2.1 W T Very light snow yesterday as I was reporting, and then stopped shortly afterwards. Many patches of snow remain, although the streets and sidewalks are clear. Currently mostly sunny with a few clouds in the east and a chilly 38°F.   View 
5/22/2022 CO-BO-457Boulder 0.7 ENE 0.00 Light snow in morning nothing measurable Patches of snow   View 
5/22/2022 CO-BO-496Boulder 1.5 NNW 0.00 30 degrees and frost   View 
5/22/2022 CO-CF-53Buena Vista 0.6 WNW 0.47 Light snow all day, but no accumulation until last night - i went to bed with less than a tenth of an inch on the snow board and eoke up to 4 inches. Snow on the ground varied from 7 to 9 inches. Blue sky beginning to shiw through the clouds at 7:00, but also light snow still coming down.   View 
5/22/2022 CO-CU-32Westcliffe 7.4 NW 0.30 The canister reads .30," but yesterday was almost constant steady snow. We are not what could have gone wrong or if the snowfall really added up to .3".   View 
5/22/2022 CO-CU-36Westcliffe 0.6 NNE 0.24 Total snow over two days was probably more than a foot, but the high sun angle has melted it almost as it falls, except overnight.   View 
5/22/2022 CO-DG-176Highlands Ranch 0.6 SSE 0.03 Patches of snow remain on the ground and the roof as well as downed branches. Snow continued to fall yesterday morning, but tube only had water. Currently calm and partly cloudy.   View 
5/22/2022 CO-DG-218The Pinery 1.2 ESE T light snow through the morning but nothing to measure in the rain gauge. The 8" of heavy spring snow that fell yesterday quickly melted into the ground and this morning there are only scattered patches of snow remaining.   View 
5/22/2022 CO-DG-328Castle Rock 3.1 ESE 0.02 Remnants of storm. Flurries until about 10am yesterday.   View 
5/22/2022 CO-EG-21Vail 0.9 WNW 0.01 Snow fell for a short time yesterday morning. After the snow ended we had some sun and a partly sunny, partly cloudy afternoon and evening. The snow at this elevation melted but just a little bit higher in elevation it has not melted yet. Our temperature a little while ago was 29 degrees and our current temperature is 31 degrees with a partly cloudy sky. Our high temperature Saturday was in the low 40's.   View 
5/22/2022 CO-EL-96Elizabeth 0.4 WSW T A few lingering flakes in the morning, but not enough to create any measurable precipitation. The snow we received melted quickly. About 60% gone.   View 
5/22/2022 CO-EP-58Ivywild 0.6 E 0.23 Snow ended late morning and resumed with a period of light snow early evening. Good melting of snow during the day. Snow on ground varies from bare ground to 4+" in protected areas. Neighborhood street is only wet. Low overcast this morning, calm, and 35 degrees.   View 
5/22/2022 CO-EP-175Manitou Springs 1.2 ESE 0.18 Light snow continuing from previous period, tapering off and ending by midday. Maximum new accumulation was 1" at 11:00 AM before melting overtook accumulation. Most of the snow melted in the afternoon leaving only patches. Was unable to determine snowpack with any accuracy due to uneven melting.   View 
5/22/2022 CO-EP-194Colorado Springs 1.1 NE 0.18 Temp - 36°F Solar - 49879 kWh 10 - 18706 kWh 11 - 22315 kWh   View 
5/22/2022 CO-EP-210Colorado Springs 3.0 S 0.12 Snow ended 11:10AM. Very light rain and flurries overnight and at ob time. No snow accumulation.   View 
5/22/2022 CO-EP-291Colorado Springs 8.2 SE 0.10 Snow fell all Saturday morning, but no accumulation. In fact, almost all of the heavy spring snow that was measured yesterday is gone today.   View 
5/22/2022 CO-EP-309Colorado Springs 2.7 NE NA Duh! Guage got clogged again, but there was light snow off and on until 7AM. Snow on table collapsed as it melted so no reading, but estimate 2-6" on 60% of yard. Sidewalks and streets are completely bare and most of snow has fallen off trees   View 
5/22/2022 CO-EP-354Calhan 5.6 S T There was some sleet on the snowboard; but wouldn't have amounted to more than a trace if could collect into gauge for measurement.   View 
5/22/2022 CO-EP-365Peyton 5.4 NNW 0.00 Much melting due to recent warm ground. Smaller trees clear of snow, larger ponderosa pines ~15% snow coverage. Driveways/hard surfaces clear of snow, roof valleys still snowpacked.   View 
5/22/2022 CO-EP-371Peyton 8.5 WSW T Light snow showers and flurries continued throughout the morning yesterday but melted quickly. Although it was cloudy all day yesterday, solar energy melted a significant amount of snowpack from the storm. There is about 90% of snowpack remaining with an average snowpack depth of 1.7". Snowpack remaining is very dense and icy from melting and freezing overnight. Currently, overcast with light snow pellets, Temp: 32F, RH: 67%, Wind: S7, Vis: about 1/2 mile in snow pellets, fog and mist.   View 
5/22/2022 CO-EP-389Colorado Springs 1.8 NNW 0.17 Intermittent light snow till early afternoon.   View 
5/22/2022 CO-EP-408Colorado Springs 8.0 NNE 0.10 Ovc, vis 3/4 mi. fog, graupel. Mtns obsc. Wind ESE 1 kt. Temp 33°F, DP 30°F. RH 89%. Baro 30.33" steady. Yest HI 36°F, LO 27°F. Snowpack has thin layer of ice. Very heavy and dense.   View 
5/22/2022 CO-FM-73Canon City 22.3 NW 0.30 3" of snow from yesterday before noon, 2" of snow overnight.   View 
5/22/2022 CO-GF-33Glenwood Springs 5.3 SSE 0.00 high 58º low 32º presently 35º cloudy Bar. 30.07 S   View 
5/22/2022 CO-GR-68Tabernash 2.7 NW T Have to love these Spring snow storms, they don't stick around long. Only a few patches of snow left tis morning. 7.8 hours of sunshine. Hi/low temperatures, 41°/21° F   View 
5/22/2022 CO-GN-68Gunnison 0.2 NW 0.02 Overnight shower   View 
5/22/2022 CO-HF-14Walsenburg 8.7 W 0.34 Snowed all day, briefly stopped at 1:20. Still snowing at 9:30pm. Melted too fast to measure.   View 
5/22/2022 CO-HF-24Walsenburg 1.0 WNW 0.23 cldy, calm, 33F; yesterday very light snow all day; snow amt measured at 10:15am was 2.6 with 0.18 precip; some melting occured during the day so total snow was an estimate based on total precip amt   View 
5/22/2022 CO-HF-41Walsenburg 11.5 W 0.50 Melting quickly! The moisture in the rain gauge was ice.   View 
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