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June 17th -- CoCoRaHS Day! … Happy Twenty-Sixth Anniversary!

Next Monday we celebrate CoCoRaHS's Twenty-Sixth Anniversary.  The CoCoRaHS website was launched June 17, 1998 -- officially marking the beginning of our volunteer rain gauge network. One hundred beginner weather observers were reported that day. We now have over 27,000 rain gauge observers who send in reports regularly or occasionally. Let's celebrate our 26th anniversary with everyone sending in their CoCoRaHS daily precipitation reports and setting a new all-time record for most CoCoRaHS reports in one day. 

For those of you who did not know, the number of reports received each day is listed just above the national map on our home page.

Want to know more about the history of CoCoRaHS? In 2023 we ran a series of articles on the evolution of the network. The whole series can be found here: HISTORY.

Thanks very much for all of your reports and being part of our CoCoRaHS team!