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Hail Report  
Hail Report Information
Station Number: CAN-ON-322
Station Name: Windsor 4.0 NE
Date: 6/10/2020 5:44 PM
Submitted 6/13/2020 9:13 AM
Taken at registered location: True
Notes: Hail lasted approx 30sec - 45 sec. actually didn't take note of time of event, (going to see a neighbour who took photos of the hail just after it occurred) I was taken by surprise and just watched it unfold. The sound that they made when pounding the cars were deeper than the usual pea sized ones. Did manage to get a few larger sized hail and stored it in a zip lock bag and in the freezer they are. this was a first for me to see such large sized hail falling. HAIL SHAPES WERE RANDOM, THEY WERE NOT ALL SPHERICAL. EXAMPLE 2".0 x 1".0 x 0".8 OR ROUND like 2 saucers placed rim to rim to one another.
Hailstone Information
Largest Size: 2 1/2" Tennis Ball Size
Average Size: 1" Quarter Size
Smallest Size: 1/4" Pea Size
Stone Consistency: Hard, Clear Ice, White Ice
Hail Storm Information
Duration Minutes: 1
Duration Accuracy: 1min
Timing: Continuous
More Rain than Hail: True
Hail Started: After rain
Largest Hail Started: After smaller hail
Damage: minor leaf dents
Hail pad information
Angle of Impact: 10-20
Number of Stones On Pad:
Distance Between Stones On Pad:
Depth Of Stones on Ground:
Has Samples: True