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Hail Report  
Hail Report Information
Station Number: CO-LR-273
Station Name: FCL 2.2 NW
Date: 6/19/2018 4:00 PM
Submitted 7/02/2018 5:44 PM
Taken at registered location: True
Notes: I was not at home for this storm, but things were still a mess when we returned on Friday (June 22) with many broken small branches, lots of dents on cars we had parked in our driveway -- even the cars parked under the large elm trees. Looks like maybe some siding damage, too. Housesitter stockpiled many hail stones in freezer so I could assess size distribution. Refer to comments and hail pad from neighboring station CO-LR-311 who witnessed the storm. Regrettably I did not have a hail pad deployed. For the 35 years I've been a property owner in NW Fort Collins, this will be my first damage claim (other parts of town have been hit by large, hard hail multiple times during this same tim) But still nothing compared to the late July 1979 storm
Hailstone Information
Largest Size: 1 1/2" Ping Pong Ball Size
Average Size: 3/4" Penny Size
Smallest Size: 1/2" Grape
Stone Consistency: Hard, Clear Ice, White Ice
Hail Storm Information
Duration Minutes: NA
Duration Accuracy: 10min
Timing: Continuous
More Rain than Hail: False
Hail Started:
Largest Hail Started:
Damage: shredded dents.damaged shingles
Hail pad information
Angle of Impact:
Number of Stones On Pad:
Distance Between Stones On Pad:
Depth Of Stones on Ground:
Has Samples: False