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Condition Monitoring Report  
Station Number: IA-BC-9
Station Name: Winthrop 5.6 NNE
Report Date: 4/21/2024
Submitted: 4/21/2024 10:29 AM
Scale Bar: Moderately Dry
Rain for the week at this location was 1.17 in. We were to the East and North of the high winds in the Tuesday weather event. A short burst of strong winds and heavy wind blown rain. A few old small branch's and a few objects blown around. Field work and manure hauled locally this week but still have not caught any planting. Soil temps still remain cool. Getting some Asparagus but it is slender stalks but still tasty. Grass has finally taken off big time. Horse's are enjoying it. Wife had to cover some flowers the last couple of nights with the below 32 Deg. temps. Trees are finally catching up with buds & leaves.
Categories: General Awareness
Plants & Wildlife