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Significant Weather Report  
Station Number: OK-BL-1
Station Name: Geary 9.8 WNW
Date: 10/26/2020 11:00 AM
Submitted 10/26/2020 11:40 AM
Notes: I have about 1/4” of mixed sleet, slick ice, and snow here, with my gauge frozen to the post, so I won’t be sending in a measurement for several days. The drizzle started yesterday morning off and on, but I didn’t get much until the bands of sleet started coming in after dark. I don’t know the timing of sleet versus rain versus snow, as the only one I could hear was the sleet. Green grass, green leaves, sunflowers and other bright blooms are all encased in ice.
Taken at Registered Location: True
Precip Duration Minutes: 0
New Precip Amount: NA
Total Precip Amount: NA
New Snow Depth: NA
Total Snow Depth: NA