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Condition Monitoring Report  
Station Number: AR-PL-1
Station Name: Mena 3.2 WNW
Report Date: 5/22/2022
Submitted: 5/22/2022 8:42 AM
Scale Bar: Mildly Dry
Conditions are drier than normal for this time of year. We’ve only had about 0.37” of rainfall last week (only a sprinkle the week before) and temperatures have been warm and windy. Of the weekly total, 0.35” was received last night. Soil moisture is below average as are streamflows. Some plants have been showing heat/drought stress in the afternoon especially on the hills. Plants growing in lower elevations are still ok.  I’ve had to start watering my vegetable garden last week which is about 3-4 weeks before normal. One benefit of the recent dry weather is that local farmers have had a chance to put up their hay crop a few weeks earlier than normal. 
Categories: General Awareness