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Condition Monitoring Report  
Station Number: IN-RP-4
Station Name: Osgood 4.1 NE
Report Date: 5/22/2022
Submitted: 5/22/2022 7:05 AM
Scale Bar: Moderately Wet
When I look outside, all I see is green!  Trees have fully leafed out, even the sycamore.  Grass is lush.  Areas that have not been mowed in the last two or three weeks have grass that is knee-high.  All of my flowers are planted.  I haven't had to carry water to them yet.  Thunderstorm overnight on Thursday dropped about 1.5 inches of rain here.  Other areas received more.  Creeks and rivers in the region have been flooded.  Another front blew through about 5 pm yesterday.  Very high winds, just a little rain.  Two new families of Canada geese walked in last Sunday.  I now have 3 families, each group at a different stage.  Oldest are getting their adult plumage, youngest walked in as newly hatched goslings.  Before the drenching rain on Thursday, farmers took advantage of dry fields.  It appears that many fields have been planted although I don't see crops yet.
Categories: General Awareness
Plants & Wildlife